Matt is a Certified Educator in Math, Technology Applications, and Business.

While running a successful consulting and publishing business, I decided to find ways to give back to the community.

Luckily I'm gifted in math and therefore could volunteer as a math tutor. I worked with kids who struggled with math, and adults who wanted to turn their lives around by earning a GED.

The experience was so rewarding that I decided to learn more about how to teach. I enrolled in the College of Education at Texas Tech University. In the next two years I earned enough credits to get a teacher certification. And later continued to earn a Master of Educationin Instructional Technology.

In the meantime, I worked at a charter school to tutor at-risk high school students and helped them finally pass their final math test and graduate.

I also worked for Texas Tech University on a project to teach robotics to kids in rural communities. I drove about 400 miles a week to various middle and high schools in West Texas. I was rewarded to see bright and enthusiastic kids and all sorts of towns.

After earning the teacher certification, I taught Algebra to fantastic 8th grade students at Hutchinson Middle School in Lubbock Texas. This is the same school attended by singer and musician Buddy Holly.

During the corona pandemic I teach math remotely through Elevate K-12. They find schools around the country that have teacher shortages. I teach at home using their portal that displays my image and lessons in the classroom.

Instructional Materials for Algebra Teachers

Algebra Yubas webstore - Matt's Instructional Materials offered for sale on Teachers Pay Teachers website.

Inventing For Kids

Educational Materials for Teachers and Kids to get excited about Inventing.

  1. Lesson Plans for Teachers
  2. Benjamin Franklin's Inventions and Discoveries
  3. Famous Women Inventors and Their Famous Inventions
  4. Famous Black Inventors and Their Famous Inventions
  5. More Famous Inventors and Their Famous Inventions

Instructional Technology Projects

The following are some of Matt's instructional design work.

  1. Instructional Asset Video (MP4)
  2. Instructional Asset Video Strategies and Objectives (PDF)
  3. Front End Analysis for Algebra 1 Course (PDF)
  4. Online Course Schedule and Module Agenda (PDF)
  5. Project Management Charter for Quality Review (PDF)
  6. Course Quality Review using OSCQR (PDF)
  7. Video Project Pre-Production and Storyboard (PDF)