Various things about Matt.

Matt drinking from Stanley Cup

  1. Drank champagne from the Stanley Cup.
  2. Earned three college degrees in three different curriculums: Electrical Engineering 1984, Master of Business Administration 1997, and Master of Education 2019.
  3. Earned three black belt degrees in Taekwon-do at ages 34, 38, and 45. Was a Taekwon-do Instructor and put on demonstrations to raise money for charities.
  4. Coached the San Diego State University ice hockey team to the state playoffs.
  5. Traveled to 20+ countries on five continents.
  6. Earned a Scuba certification and then logged dives in the Great Barrier Reef (day and night), Caribbean, Costa Rica, Belize, Mexico, and off the California coast.
  7. Appeared on Slovenia's national broadcasting station (RTV) for a tourism segment.
  8. Acted in a commercial in Las Vegas with Butch Patrick (Eddie Munster) and Lisa Loring (Wednesday Addams).
  9. Had a photograph exhibited at the San Diego Air & Space Museum.
  10. Donated photographs to charities that raised money for animal shelters.
  11. Volunteered at Project Wildlife rehabilitating birds and animals.
  12. Twice saved people from drowning in the ocean.
  13. Started first business selling candy at age 9. At age 10 formed a partnership and purchased bulk candy at wholesale. Later shutdown by police for not having a business license.
  14. Jobs before age 20: newspaper delivery, busboy, cook, bellhop, door to door seed sales, t-shirt sales, Mr. Fix-it.
  15. Went for a period of 7 years without watching TV.
  16. Built first telescope at age 9.
  17. Created electronic circuit boards while as a teenager that still work today.
  18. Won a New Jersey State Science Fair as part of a three-person Team while in high school.
  19. Published software applications in national magazines.
  20. Created the hardware system for National Pen Company to imprint custom personalized names on pens by redesigning laser printers and production equipment.
  21. Held a Secret Clearance while working on the Strategic Defense Initiative (Star Wars) program.
  22. Led the design specification for the first wireless data modems with GPS upgrades for public safety police, fire, and emergency medical services.
  23. Won the highest monetary award for a teacher three years in a row for improving student performance in an algebra course. Voted most influential teacher by parents and students.
  24. Created instructional materials for an algebra course that have sold to teachers in 28 countries.
  25. Created a ten-week course about robotics and taught middle and high students how to build Lego Mindstorms robots.
  26. Earned Teacher Certifications in Math, Technology Applications, and Business.
  27. Developed and conducted popular training for inventors and entrepreneurs on how to bring products to market and how to license inventions.
  28. Set up and trained the island nation of Mayreau with their first computer.
  29. Wrote non-fiction books that sold thousands of copies into 70+ countries and continue to sell for over 17 years.
  30. Wrote a popular 320-page invention development book that was adopted as a textbook by major universities for undergraduate and graduate courses.
  31. Created a popular audio book that has generated sales for over 15 years.
  32. Interviewed on ABC-TV twice for expertise on inventing.
  33. Interviewed by Entrepreneur Magazine, Fortune, Wall Street Journal, and Inventor's Digest.
  34. Board Director for Publishers and Writers of San Diego.
  35. Worked way through college with a Mr. Fix It business.
  36. Went into consulting at age 25 to create a new medical billing system that ran doctors' offices.
  37. Had the top-rated project in an MBA program at San Diego State University by creating a strategic plan for semiconductor business unit at Unisys.
  38. Worked as a Certified Marketing Consultant for the Small Business Development Center and helped dozens of businesses to successfully increase sales revenue.
  39. Generated millions of dollars in product sales as a corporate Product Manager.
  40. Past hobbies and interests: astronomy, chess, coin collecting, martial arts, tennis, running, ice skating, playing ice hockey and street hockey.
  41. Current hobbies and interests: birding, bodysurfing, walking in nature, ping pong, photography, watching ice hockey, business card collecting.
  42. Had his photo of a bird (Tricolored Heron) published in the St Petersburg Audubon Society 2022 calendar.

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